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Marketing Window Company Case Study: $137.335 in 120 days with DVS Method

How Giovanni and his Italian window company added $137.335 worth of take-home projects using the DVS Method?

How many quotes? Money invested? What strategies did we used?

And much more in this case study.

DVS Method: Case Study with a Premium Window Company

Premises and initial goals

Let's say some things first.

The goals we set in the first place with Giovanni, the owner, were basically to double the revenue in 12 months together selling his premium windows.

As you know, if you read some of our previous case studies, we usually work with structured window and remodeling companies.

Just to be clear, if we don't face a smooth and effective team made of:

  1. Team of expert installers.

  2. Salespeople who can convert leads into paying customers.

  3. Hungry Business Owner who has the know-how to coordinate the team and fit into his company the "money-making machine" which is DVS Method.

Normally we don't even send an offer to get started.

Giovanni is one of the few entrepreneurs that know how to get things done.

He's great leadership and risk-handling skills.

Indeed, already in the first 3 months, we're killin' it, but first, he invested 5-figures to get there.

This says a lot about the company, but a lot more about the owner, that reached results we'll be showing in this case study.

This is not about luck, but it's about knowing what he's doing and mostly how to close 5-figure deals selling his premium European windows.

This is not the first time we got new high-end paying customers in the first weeks of collaboration.

Giovanni and his team, though, had the ability to set an unbelievable 100% appointment-setting rate with the DVS Method (for 90 days straight).

For us, that's pride, given by our outstanding done-for-you marketing service, but we know that the professional and sales business component is relevant as well. As in any other business.

The marketing strategy we used to acquire New High-End Projects (average quote $13.000)

The grounds of our strategy are very intuitive.

Wrongly, in the window/remodeling/roofing/solar business field, owners think "the more quotes the more paying clients".

Too simple. If this is the truth anybody can close deals every day with no effort.

You need 3 main components to sell windows, remodeling services, solar panels, and any other physical high-ticket product.

In this case, to buy your premium windows the new customer has to trust:

  1. You, that you're selling him the windows, doors, blinds and so on

  2. The window company is selling those windows, doors, blinds and so on.

  3. Your product

If only one of these components is missing, you lose. Deal gone!

Indeed if you think about it, every single purchase you made in your life so far was made on these 3 trust grounds.

You, for sure, noticed that the majority of window companies lack one of these 3 components.

This is the reason why it'll NEVER work any advertising campaign focused only on the "quality of the product".

(What every company's been doing forever)

Back to Giovanni and his company.

Our marketing strategy was to differentiate his project's acquisition model from any other window company.

First of all, we introduced a new consulting and lead-filtering model, then with Giovanni and his team, we set the protocol to bring the client from "I wanna have a consulting call with you" to an appointment, quote, and deal close.

The results in the first 90 days.

Finally, we get to the numbers.

How much we invested and what's the return on it?

If you didn't know, our "marketing" is based on the results we bring in terms of paying projects.

So any useless metric such as "page likes", "comments", and engagement is not what we're looking for for our clients.

Between our services and the ad spend, Giovanni invested around $10.000 only in the first 90 days.

With the advertising campaigns that we built, we collected 117 new leads that want to replace their doors, windows, blinds, and so on.

This is the CRM we created specifically for Giovanni and his window company in which you can see 10 appointments scheduled, 11 quotes work in progress, 32 quotes sent (€349.154) and 4 closed deal (roughly $88.500)

And yes, in these, you can find a huge window replacement €49.500 project

The remaining customers are either not qualified, or deal lost, or yet to be updated.

We're expecting another 3-4 sales within the 32 quotes.

30 Days Later

30 days later we cashed in another €28,580 in projects for Giovanni's window company and he just told us he closed another 3 deals worth €24.000, but the CRM still needs to be updated.

So we have a total of $137,335 with $4,383 in ad spend.

Wanna use the DVS Method for your company too?

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