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Marketing for Renovations: $410.796 in 30 days with DVS Method, here's Edil Impero's Case Study

How to generate 10+ clients between $35.000 and $47.000 each if you have a Renovation Business?

Read this case study until the end.

In this case study, we analyze how we reached in 30 days a very interesting goal using the DVS Method.

We always need to be very specific about the numbers we show in our case studies because they seem too good to be true.

Indeed multiple six-figure outcomes with just over $760 in ad spend are just insane.

Usually, if we put on the marketing weight scale the ad spend, the marketing strategy and the sales process, at some point the ad spend weighs way more than the other two factors.

In this case, we were forced to lower our ad spend just because the outcome was too much to handle for Edil Impero, at least in the beginning.

With this being said, at the end of the 30 days, Edil Impero's team was really capable of handling the situation, adapt and improve to reach the goals we set in the first place.

DVS Method: Case Study of Edil Impero

Before we get started and goals

Edil Impero looked for us and the DVS Method basically because we're known, and proud of it, for our specialization in the Renovation Businesses.

The owner didn't even believe that we're able to find high-paying clients that wanted to renovate their house in 2021 without crazy discounts, without a website at all, but just with a proper online marketing strategy that really works.

Edil Impero was born in 2021 as a Renovation Company that chose the DVS Methos to acquire new customers and beat the competition right away.

They have a huge background in the construction business in general, so they're not amateurs at all.

In fact, whole neighborhoods in their city were built thanks to their skills and competence.

The goals we set were pretty simple: they wanted to create a marketing system that could bring people really motivated to buy in a consulting call with their salespeople.

The original idea was an ad spend of 60$ a day so that they could have roughly 3-4 new prospects a day.

The Marketing Strategy for Edil Impero

The marketing strategy aimed to acquire the clientele that:

  1. Wanted to renovate their house/apartment/villa.

  2. Wanted to do it right now, maybe it's been months that is doing some research about this, spoke to a couple of consultants, but never pull the trigger.

  3. Wanted to find a trustable and capable renovation company with a premium service like Edil Impero.

This time we had carte blanche.

We decided to acquire customers through a promotional video filmed directly by the owner of the company.

Maybe many other entrepreneurs would have been afraid, shy, or whatever but not Edil Impero's business owner.

In fact, we believe that that video made like that was the key to the success of our marketing campaign, as well as the strategy itself.

The copywriting of the video, where to film it, and how to do it was obviously all included in our marketing service.

Anyone who saw that video was definitely magnetically attracted to Edil Impero.

Not because it was fancy and professionally produced, but because it aimed directly to sell their service and perfectly fit with their sales process.

The aim of the video was to bring the lead to the next step of the funnel: a personalized consulting session with one the Edil Impero's sales guys.

The new lead is coming with a problem of any kind about his renovation project? The consultants solve it.

Our arsenal to acquire new high-paying clients was made by:

  1. Facebook and Instagram Business Page set to acquire new targeted leads.

  2. Promotional Video and the consulting session as a lead magnet.

  3. Advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram using the DVS Method's model, personalized for Edil Impero.

  4. A Landing page created specifically to acquire new qualified leads that Edil Impero wanted.

We have to say that in this collaboration everything moved smoothly and with no problems at all.

The only stop came up when we noticed that we're getting so many leads that the sales team couldn't handle them.

But in a week or so, it was fixed.

The results in 30 days of collaboration

Let's get to the numbers and how we brought Edil Impero to reach the goals we set on day one.

In the image down here you're looking at the Facebook & Instagram advertising platform, we are inside Edil Impero's business ad account.

We used this one the whole time to proceed with the DVS Method and the ad campaigns.

As you can see in 90 days we invested 650€ roughly, almost 760$ only in Facebook and Instagram ads acquiring new qualified leads.

This investment only generated 88 new prospects, with a cost per lead of 7.6€ ( 8.93 $).

This for sure is a DVS performance record.

These numbers exceed all of our expectations, indeed to obtain the same results we would expect at least double the amount in ad spend.

For sure even Edil Impero expected the same thing, also because during the first consulting sessions with our team they said they had a cap, caused by the structure of the company, of 10-15 building sites a month that they could handle.

Down here you can find the words of Edil Impero's business owner that talks about the first 30 days with the DVS Method.

Do you want to integrate the DVS Method into your Construction Business?

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