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Marketing for Remodeling Businesses: 63.360$ in 30 days with DVS Method in Italy

How did Rudy, from, earned another 63.360$ with his remodeling business in 30 days, offering zero tax benefits at all, using the DVS Method?

Let's go through this case study and find out.

DVS Method: Case Study of Edil FM

Before we started and goals

Let's make a small introduction first.

We decided to bet against all the odds on Rudy and his remodeling business.

As you probably know, if you read some of our case studies, we usually work with structured remodeling businesses (mostly in the roofing, window supplying, and renovation niche).

To be clear if we don't face a dynamic team with 3 main characters:

  1. A technical team and professional installers.

  2. A Salesman that really knows how to convert potential clients (leads) into clients

  3. A hungry business owner that knows how to coordinate his team with the new prospects and integrate the "projects-generation-machine", like the DVS Method.

Usually, we don't even bother trying to collaborate.

But in this case, Rudy proved us wrong, mostly with facts.

It is possible with a small team as well to get Clients for his remodeling business within 30 days thanks to the DVS Method.

Rudy on his side has a rare gift: a unique will of scaling his business.

Only with a small team of trusted installers and him as the owner and salesman, he managed to perfectly coordinate new clients coming in.

As if all of this is not enough.

One other parameter that we take into consideration is how a remodeling business plays with tax benefits related to its services.

Someone says that if you don't have a ridiculous offer, based on the tax benefits as well, you're out of the game.

Rudy from Edil FM and the DVS Method proved that the exact opposite, again.

In fact, as of today, Edil Fm generated just over 63.000$ with his Remodeling Business in 30 days only with the right offer, the right marketing strategy, and the right team.

The marketing strategy to acquire new customers that really wanted to renovate their house without looking at the price

Our strategy has a pretty simple concept.

The remodeling business is the oldest one on the planet, so we know that the business owners think only one thing:

Let's put a discount, even if the profits are lower


Let's put a discount, to maintain the profits like this we'll just lower our service delivery

Basically, in the last years, there's been so much advertising about this that it has in some way ruined the niche leaving a huge amount of dissatisfied customers along the way.

In only 6 months this can create an enormous amount of new prospects that are not only dissatisfied but also frustrated because someone else broke their new home dream.

They all have the "too-good-to-be-true" disease.

People are not stupid.

They noticed via reviews from friends and family and so on that there's something wrong.

The backbone of our marketing strategy was helping potential customers who:

  1. Wanted to find a quality service, instead of a cheap one.

  2. Couldn't get into tax benefits for some reason, but still wanted to do the job.

  3. Wanted to find a remodeling business that they can trust from the beginning till the end of the process.

Here are the results we generated in just 30 days

Finally, we got to the numbers.

How much did we invest and what is the return on investment?

If you didn't know this, "our marketing" is based on performances in terms of (high) paying clients for our clients.

So all the metrics as "page likes", "website traffic", "post shares", "post likes", "positive comments", and basically any kind of engagement are useless.

This is not our place and we strongly believe that anyone who's promoting such a thing as "marketing" is on the edge of being a criminal.

Between our services fee and the ad spend Rudy invested 2350$ for his remodeling company.

With the advertising campaigns, that we built from scratch, we produced 88 new qualified leads that wanted to renovate their house/villa.

With these 88 new prospects, Rudy was able to go through the negotiation with 35 of them roughly.

Down here you can find some screenshots with Rudy that confirms already at the end of the first week with the DVS Method that he closed some deals.

(Of course, they are in Italian, but you can translate them on Google and verify they're real)

At the end of the 30 days, Rudy confirmed 3 sales for a total amount of 63360$, but he's saying he's got at least another 60k waiting for his remodeling business.

What's the balance?

He invested 2350$ with the DVS Method in 30 days and together we converted them into 63360$ for his remodeling business.

Do you want to integrate the DVS Method in your Remodeling Business as well?

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