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Lead Generation for European Windows: New Prospects Worth Just Under $1MLN for Dual Action Windows

In this case study, I'd like to share with you how Dual Action Windows managed to get new leads worth just under $1.000.000 in 120 days.

Petr, owner of, asked for a very specific partnership.

Basically, his company had always worked with B2B clients and from 2022 he wanted to add some B2C clients as well.

Case Study: Windows Company

Dual Action Windows

The interesting fact was that he's selling European Windows across the globe with his headquarters in Europe.

So, eventually, we faced the truth that we essentially had to sell literally and completely online Windows and Doors - pretty challenging!

We tried different strategies to collect the cheapest leads in order to get some data on how the sales team would react to that.

The Marketing and Sales Strategy

Starting point: we knew that the American market is almost completely unaware of the existence of this specific kind of window.

Mostly because it's very expensive compared to American windows.

Marketing Strategy #1

The best choice at the beginning was to create a marketing campaign with the sole purpose of collecting prospects that wanted to talk to a consultant, via phone call or zoom call, who could lead them to get the best choice for their new house.

The educational process with what Dual Action Windows aims is crucial.

You cannot sell the "old way" an average of $30.000 worth of windows without an education of the prospect and building reliability and trust.

Initially, we collected leads like crazy at $20-25 each, but in order to fit with the sales team, we had to do some changes to the ads and the strategy.

The American market is brutal.

The sales team was not ready for it, but we found out immediately the issues and fixed them through hours of specific consulting sessions with them.

Indeed, after that, we're able to get the first quotes for new projects, big quotes which is why we're doing this case study as well.

The biggest quote Dual Action Windows's team is currently negotiating is around $300.000, just to give some perspective.

Here's the screenshot from the CRM of Dual Action Windows.

Marketing Strategy #2

So to spice up our offer at some point we decided to put some scarcity in the marketing acquisition campaigns.

The idea was that people that wanted to buy now needed a simple discount and a deadline.

Nothing fancy, but effective.

We collected fewer leads compared to the previous strategy, but the interest of the prospects was higher.

Best performing strategy

We run both campaigns for 1 month and a half each and conveyed that the first was the best performing.

Simply because we're getting more than double the leads and overall they're worth more than the other strategy.

Down here you can see that we collected, if you sum them up, 152 new prospects with a cost per lead of 28$ for Dual Action Windows in 120 days.

We're always publishing take-home projects, but as you read so far Dual Action Windows is worth its place in our case study list.

Here's why you can find down here Petr of Dual Action Windows telling us a huge 210k deal.

We'll update this case study in time so we can have a clear progress on track.

Do you want to join the DVS Method with your Window Company?

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