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How to Market your Renovations and Windows and Doors Business in the Digital Era

How to Market your Renovations and Windows and Doors Business in the Digital Era?

In this article, we'll see for real how to create and set up an efficient marketing strategy with your company in the construction world.

At the end of this article, you will understand what is wrong and what is right in the stories you've been told so far by the "marketing gurus" here and there on the internet.

Very likely if you're reading this you're the owner, or you have some consistent amount of shares, of a construction company.

Either you work on a small-medium size remodeling, renovations or windows and doors, or roofing company.

That's exactly why we know you tried some marketing courses, you tried to copy and paste your competitors strategies ineffectively (maybe big whales that have a very different business structure from yours, or just have budgets with a couple of zeros more)

Guideline for beginners, even advanced

Before we get started let's set a guideline of what is doing marketing for your construction business. Especially if you're doing less than $10 mln a year.

Your goals should be the following:

  1. More high-paying clients (building/construction sites that can get you real money and real profits), let go of the tiny jobs that can only pay the installer, for example.

  2. Team Expansion: installers, salesmen, marketing team, etc...

  3. Delegate the most of it. How much? Anything that can be automated and get done better than you by someone else.

Noticed something?

We didn't even come up with the most (mis)used marketing words in the world.

At this level, you need to forget these words:

  1. Branding

  2. Reaching new people

  3. Correct comunication

and similar.

Since non of them hit directly on new high-paying clients acquisition.

The primary goal

We won't write an essay on this. The primary goal of your construction company, through marketing and DVS Method is this:

" Invest an amount of money that can get you real high-paying clients so that you can get back more money faster and get more profits."

Pretty easy huh? Let's get started with the 3 steps on what to do next.

Step #1

Find the 5 points of strength of your renovations or windows company, for example.

At the same time look for the 5 weak points of your competitors.

Obviously, your leverage shouldn't be on "we are the best", "our quality is top notch", "only for today you got this discount, only for you", etc...

They should be the points that differentiate your company from the others and the best would be to customize them in order to be in contrast with the weak point of the competition.

Step #2

Find either products or services which make you profit the most and focus your energies on them first.

The biggest problem for construction companies is that they advertise their name with a "cool" slogan thinking to sell windows and renovations, but they only get cheap clients. The truth is that there's no interest in quicker ROI advertising.

This is the proper formula for bankruptcy.

Marketing for the construction niche and the advertising campaigns must bring you profits as soon as possible, and it is possible doing it in less than 90 days, massively.

We do it with our clients every month.

Honestly, the best results we have are in the first 30 days of working together.

Step #3

The right mindset is "every investment, offline or online, has the goal to acquire new high-paying clients in the short term, only then we can work in the long term."

So let go of $10.000 for a new website or thousands of dollars for a branding awareness campaign.

In the advertising world the one who spends the most wins.

You can't afford, mostly in the beginning, to invest in poor online/offline projects that are not focusing directly on acquisition.

That's why the DVS Method's aim, 99% of the time, is to acquire a very specific client very precisely so that:

  1. Invest from the first 30 days with intelligence

  2. Schedule your appointments directly from a personalized CRM built for you

  3. Find new high-paying clients, in the first 30 days most of the time

  4. You will be ROI positive already in the first 90 days

Want to set up the DVS Method for your company as well?


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