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How to choose the Best Marketing Service if you're in the Remodeling Business

How to choose the perfect marketing service based on your specific business case?

But mostly, how to know, in advance, it will bring real results to your company?

I don't know if you noticed, but in the US market, anyone with a laptop or a phone can be an improvised marketer in a couple of days.

This matter in the last few years failed a lot of agencies, but most of all failed a huge number of remodeling businesses that paid for these kinds of marketing services.

We don't want to hide behind this, we are delivering premium marketing services.

But still, we are performance/results-driven and only for remodeling businesses, for years.

The reason why we decided to get into this specific niche is simple.

We noticed that all of the other marketing agencies were hiding their marketing services behind faded and fake useless metrics. Even truer for businesses like renovations, windows and doors companies, roofing, etc...

Besides very very few agencies at that time specialized in one single niche.

So, choosing the right (means that works) marketing service nowadays it's hard.

Rather often we receive in our consulting sessions these comments.

"In 25 years of working in this field, the only thing that works is a referral scheme"
"There is no marketing for constructions, I tried them all and they don't work"
"I trusted web agencies so far and nothing good came out of it... we ended up suing one of them"
"I tried on my own, it doesn't work"

And another never-ending list of complaints and negative experiences.

The majority of the marketing services for remodeling businesses out there, indeed, ruined the market, because they ruined the companies.

Even the most famous wanted marketing consultants and services, that seemed working, in reality, they were "an ugly unexpected disappointment".

What's the cure for this marketing disease?

Oh yeah.

This is a plague.

How to win this one?

Let's see the tools that you need to avoid being scammed and finally choose the marketing service that brings real results, especially if you run a remodeling business.

1. Study. Learn, again, how to learn.

We all know that the business owners of this nice have no time to waste and this is the main reason why they outsource whatever is possible.

However, if you don't understand the subject you're investing in, you're starting with the wrong foot.

That's why we're writing these articles and our case studies. So that there's no doubt whatsoever for you.

2. Find a marketing model that can fit your business model

We could talk for hours about this, indeed my suggestion is for you to read all of our blog posts on this.

A standardized marketing service, simply, does not exist.

"Marketing is not a thing, it's a process that has to be implemented properly"

Let's make an example on our main program.

If your sales team sucks, or you can just handle a certain kind of leads...

The DVS Method for you it's useless.

Any marketing system has to flow together with your business model, otherwise, the lack of synergy brings poor results eventually.

3. Avoid a general marketing service, try to find a solution to your specific marketing problem.

We specialized at first in renovations and windows and doors.

We know that bringing high-paying clients in these fields is another story compared to selling some gym program or real estate.

Even between selling windows and renovations services, there are a lot of differences, that matter. But your marketing agency should be aware of this in the first place!

Some marketing consultants and services compare selling windows with selling hamburgers at McDonald's.

Kinda scary isn't it?

Find time to use these 3 points to evaluate your next marketing project.

This is pretty much the grandma's remedy to avoid unpleasant surprises for your company.

You need to be sure of your next choice and collaboration.

Want to apply for the DVS Method and be our next successful case study?


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