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Case Study Window Company: New Deals for $274.090 in 90 days with DVS Method

Here's a $274.090 case study with a window and doors company integrating the DVS Method, our marketing strategies, and techniques.

This company started with us with no website, no social media, and without ever doing any advertising at all for their business.

In this case study, we created a marketing system that literally brought new qualified leads ready to buy.

But let's see it through this article.

About the DVS Method, we have different case studies that you can find down here.

In case you want to join your company in our protocol, we must tell you that we just refuse to collaborate with more than 60% of requests.

That's because we want to make sure that we can deliver a crazy amount of results on both sides.

You know, let's be honest: all of our collaborations are partly commission deals, so if we're not sure your company can get to the numbers we need, we're not interested either and you will not even receive an offer in the first place.

If you know your construction company is worthy and your team has a huge hunger for new clients you can book a consulting session down here with one of our experts.

Before we get started and goals

With the windows supply company of this case study, we set pretty ambitious goals right away.

You see this business mostly worked in a B2B field, something that we see very often honestly.

Their goal was to expand the team and the jobs only with private clients, the classic villa, house, or apartment so that they could diversify their clientele.

So, both the sales and acquisition processes were built from scratch and custom-made for this company.

The goal, anyway, was not to catch clients just the "neighborhood" but squeeze the whole country.

Talking about numbers?

In 6 months we planned to get just over $700.000 in revenue.

Analysis and path

We are going to take a look at the advertising campaigns and the CRM we created for this specific client and see:

  1. How much we invested

  2. How much we produced

  3. How we tracked conversions

Let's begin.

The ad spend so far is just over €6.000, $7.000 in 90 days as you can see from the dashboard down here.

We produced 217 new qualified leads in one campaign and another 71 in the second advertising campaign.

We have an average cost per lead of 24$ roughly for a lifetime value per client of $29.000.

In this case, since the huge amount of leads, we decided to create a CRM customized for this window supply company so that we could also track from day one to the sale each and every new contact coming in.

As you can see from the photo down here, we'd like to show you only the leads that have been brought into the negotiation in 90 days.

As introduced in the title of this case study you can see that:

  1. Only in Appuntamento (Appointments), we scored €233.028, $274.090 as of today currency conversions.

  2. If we consider the whole negotiation process we almost get to, in just 3 months, €700.000, just over $820.000.

We'd like to spend a minute on the quality of these appointments.

The new prospects:

  1. Received a customized and high-priced offer.

  2. Evaluate the offer.

  3. Accepted the terms of the offer (timing, prices, materials, etc...).

  4. Wants an appointment to close the deal.

Since the goal of $700.000 in 6 months, being halfway there with these numbers we are at a really good point for sure.

Do you want to integrate the DVS Method into your Windows Company?

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